Parth Mini Combo Set

Parth Mini Combo Set

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1.Providing & fixing Mini combo set FRP common Slide 1 No.                                                                                                        

Safe Play Area  :- 10 mtr X 4 mtr 

2. Height of stand  1.2 m height, Width of slide 0.5m, Length of Slide 1.82 m long & Thickness of FRP 5mm  to 6 mm .
3.Main frame 40mm ID round pipe & stairs of the stand 2”x 0.5” rectangle  pipe.
4.Platform  of the  stand made in 32 ID pipe & 2” x 0.5” rectangle pipe
5.Railing of stand 20mm ID pipe.
6. FRP should properly fixed with support of flat 40 x 5 with each other with nut bolting system.
7.Ideal for the age group 4-12yrs.
8.See Saw should be Provided in 50mm Dia. Vertical Central Pipe and 40 mm main Supporting Bar with handle of 25 mm Dia. Pipe.
9.Single Swing is also attached top of the slide stand , 40mm & 50 mm Round Pipe .
10.Painting:- Structures have to be PU Paint coated by best quality paints & should be provided with hole passes for proper grip fixing with 1:2:4 cement concrete.