Nursery Combo Set

Nursery Combo Set

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Safe Play  Area :- 5 mtr X 4 mtr                                                                                                                                                  

1.Providing & fixing nursery combo set FRP common Slide 2 no.

2.Height 1.52m, Width of slide 0.5, Length of Slide each 3m. & thickness of slide is 5 to 6 mm. frp sheet.
3.Main frame 40mmx2.5mm (thickness)@ NB. Pipe
4. Plate form of steel frame of 16g M.S. sheet with support of 25x25x3 angle
5.Ralling of 20x2mm (thickness) pipe

6.Stairs made up of square pipe & FRP should properly fixed with support to  each other with nut bolting system.  

  7. Ideal for the age group 4-14yrs.

8.Painting:- Structures have to be powder coated by best quality polyurethane paints.& should be provided with hole passes for proper grip fixing with 1:2:4 cement concrete